The City of Cheney is a thriving community located a mere 17 miles Southwest of Spokane. The small city of 11,310 people offers residents a highly desirable mix of small-town charm, a family-friendly community, and an unmatched quality of life.


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Considering a move to Cheney? The small city offers a desirable mix of small-town charm and easy access to downtown Spokane. Only 15 minutes from the heart of Spokane, the laid-back lifestyle of Cheney is a welcome oasis to those seeking to escape the fast pace of the city. Those interested in relocating to Cheney will benefit from the assistance of a Cheney real estate professional. Nancy Wynia is familiar with the Cheney area and is able to assist home buyers looking for a home in the small city. If you are relocating Cheney, contact Nancy Wynia and discuss your home buying options today.


The small city of Cheney is the perfect sized community for those seeking a small-town lifestyle with great amenities. The town features safe neighborhoods, the benefits of being a "college town," and a convenient proximity to downtown Spokane. Considered to be a "bedroom community" of Spokane, the city of Cheney has been growing at a sustainable pace. The "smart growth" of the city has been able to attract many new opportunities for the area and its residents.


The city of Cheney is located in a region with an immense amount of natural resources. The many beautiful natural areas provide Cheney's residents with an array of recreational outdoor activities. Living in Cheney, one is surrounded by many streams and lakes. Many Cheney residents enjoy recreational pursuits, such as boating, fishing, and swimming. For those in pursuit of outdoor recreation, Cheney residents enjoy access to a 3.5 mile recreational trail. The paved trail adjacent to Cheney offers residents a chance to bike, walk, and jog in a beautiful outdoor setting. Cheney's 40 acres of developed park lands, engage residents by granting access to facilities, such as playgrounds, swimming pools, picnic areas, and athletic fields.


The family oriented city places much emphasis on providing children in the community with a quality education. Cheney's school-aged children are served by the Cheney School District in one of its four elementary schools, two middle schools, or its high school. Area families are fortunate to live in a community which provides a high-quality education to its students. Students in the Cheney School District attend schools that have been recognized Statewide for their top-notch academic programs. For those pursuing higher education, the city is also home to Eastern Washington University. 

University Life

The campus of Eastern Washington University is central to the cultural and academic life of the small city. The campus is always dynamic, offering an array of activities for those of all interests.

Other Amenities

Athletic fields

Art Gallery

Seven city parks

swimming pools (indoor and outdoor)

Tennis courts

Two college theaters

Regional History

The city of Cheney has flourished over its lifetime in large part due to its strong foundation and community infrastructure. The community's emphasis on agriculture, education and the railroad has served the small city well and has contributed greatly to its continued success.

Prior to 1858, settlers were hesitant to move to the area. The unrest between the native people and the settlers spurred violence, making many people wary of the region. In 1858, the last uprising occurred within the region and people's fears were laid to rest. During the 1860's and 70's pioneers began moving into the area, often attracted by the area's bountiful natural resources.

The town underwent many name changes, and eventually settled on the Cheney. The name was adopted in honor of Benjamin P. Cheney who was a Director of the Northern Pacific Railroad. The honorable Mr. Cheney, the city's namesake, donated $10,000 to the city in an effort to establish the Benjamin P. Cheney Academy. The town was established in 1883, the same year that also marked the completion of the railroad. Cheney, who did not live in the town, visited in 1883 for the railroad's "Last Spike Ceremony," which was held to showcase the completion of its rail line.

The real genius behind the city of Cheney is its many dedicated and hard working citizens. From its earliest beginnings, Cheney has been a town with a very active core community. The city's characteristic small-town charm and quality of life were fostered by the vision of the town's many "Special Interest Groups." Today, these same groups keep the traditions and vision of the community alive. A core group of citizens actively maintains the small-town charm and community spirit central to the city's characteristic identity.

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